A creative, contemporary and life-changing documentary


Creator and Director of the Documentary. StoryMedia Specialist with a specialization in Audiovisual. Creative Economy Researcher. Curator Journalist at IH!CRIEI, a company specializes in research and develop the Creative Economy and the Human Creativity. Creator of the brand IH!FILMS, a production films company. Youtuber at "Câmera na Mão" channel. Creative Leader of MUFA (Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual), a group for women filmmakers.



Responsible for the negotiation and expansion of opportunities between Ih!Criei products. With a background in Executive Secretariat, specialization in Event Marketing and a long career focused on netweaving, strategic advisory, sales and communication, shee joined WeWork's Brazilian Market Opening Team the world's largest co-working network. Who better than a mineira to always be available for a coffee and conversation?


Web developer born in Rio Claro, São Paulo and is passionate about technology and creativity. Graduated in Social Communication at Claretianas Colleges of Rio Claro, winner of the iBest prize with the site Mensagens Virtuais, in the Personal category. Social Network Specialist, Renato has a group of 70 thousand people created for the development of his hometown.

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