A creative, contemporary and life-changing documentary


The film "Why Creativity?" shows how creativity has impacted the world economically, and how that happens, in practice, through three different points of view: from leaders and employees who work in large corporations that are hungry for innovation, from creative professionals working in the creative economy and from creative entrepreneurs who use their skills in creative ways to start new businesses that are transforming the global economy.

Explaining the value of creativity - economic or human - is a major challenge. But, with understanding, we will find solutions that can benefit all sides. If, on the one hand, creative professionals have several mechanisms that lead them to create, on the other hand, they still suffer from the management part. Traditional companies and industries, on the other hand, have excellence in management, but difficulty in innovation. If they know how to communicate - and then we'll present our thesis on how to do that - together, they can drive a financially sustainable economy for everyone.

100 creative businesses